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 The NutriDay Yoghurt education support programme carries a message about healthy living and good nutrition to children across the country. From this month the programme is being rolled out to 1000 schools that will receive educational material with outcomes aligned with the curriculum in a number of school subjects. The content covers three core messages including a healthy body, which emphasizes the importance of good personal care for healthy living; a healthy world, which focuses on the importance of looking after our planet; and a healthy mind, which encourages young children to eat the foods that will ‘feed’ their brain.

From March – May NutriDay’s School Liaison Officers will hold informative workshops teaching about healthy eating. Schools will also get to sample some of NutriDay’s delicious yoghurts and get the opportunity to enter a competition and win a share of R23 000 by submitting their most impressive 3D creation using NutriDay yoghurt containers. This exciting and ambitious programme is aimed at sharing a message of good nutrition among children

Available Material
 NutriDay Educator's Workbook (4.7MB) 
 NutriDay timetable (1.5MB) 
 NutriDay Dietary Balance Table (3.3MB)
 How Yoghurt is made (3.9MB)
R146 - Regulations relating to the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs (207KB)
Guidelines Applicable to R146 (2.2MB)