Social Fundamentals


Danone wants to innovate in the social fundamentals in order to create conditions for the safety and the good health of Danone employees.

Safety for Danone Employees - WISE workplace safety program

Danone is an industrial group with more than 190 plants throughout the world. The safety of its employees in its plants and on the roads is a number one priority. Danone has drawn up the Wise programme to help managers and staff to adopt a rigorous attitude in order to improve security. The aim of this programme is to reinforce the fundamental securities of employees, wherever they work and whatever their position, worldwide and to to cut the number of accidents leading to employees absence.

This WISE Programme launched in 2004 for the plants as well as a road safety programme. To take care of the safety of suppliers and providers at the plant, this program has also been opened to logistics providers and other suppliers to ensure they apply the same standards to safety when working. Since 2009, the frequency rate of accidents generating works absences dropped by nearly 43% thanks to the WISE program.

In South Africa specific we regard the protection of health and safety of our employees and contractors as a prime business objective and to reach this objective encourage each Danone employee and Danone contractors or suppliers to:

  • Ensure that all risks, occupational accidents and incidents are investigated and implement measures to prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Ensure the participation of our employees in identifying and analysing risk situations and encourage each other to create a safe environment for ourself and fellow workers.
  • Provide a safe working environment and develop systems to ensure the safety of our employees and contractors.
  • At all times comply with relevant legislation.

To ensure we live this WISE culture through our families, as the safety of Danone employees at work directly influences their lives, we have WISE Days 4 times a year. On these WISE days we invite the families of the employees to visit our production plant to learn and share information focused on Safety education and awareness. Most importantly it is about sharing safety behaviours and teaching Danone employees and their partners and kids the importance of working in a Safe Environment.

Click here to see pictures of our WISE Days

Good Health for Danone Employees - Dan’Cares

In addition to Wise, Danone launched in 2010 the “Dan’Cares” programme with the intention of securing basic health cover for all employees within 3 years.
For emerging countries, which represent 2/3rds of our employees, this represents real social progress and at the same time an economic lever for our businesses: in addition to improving the employer brand, and increasing employees’ engagement, it has an impact on the reduction of employee turnover.
Indeed it increases the employees’ loyalty towards the company in countries where the turnover rate is very high. 3 years after launching Dan’Cares in several BUs, over 70,000 employees now benefit from minimum health-care coverage that is in line with the standards set out in the programme, with half of them protected thanks to Dan’Cares. In 2013, 40 000 employees enjoyed Dan’cares health insurance covering 3 core risks hospitalization, maternity, outpatient.

See below how DAN’Cares has changed Danoner employees lives in South Africa and around the world: